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November 2015

Dear All,

This newsletter is reporting on the Committee meetings held 18th August and 7th October. The full reports are attached.

A precis of what was discussed at the meetings is given below.

August 18th Committee Meeting

1.      At the time of this meeting no firm decision had been made by Gwynedd Council regarding charges for the ByG car park.

2.      Other road safety issues were raised. The bus company and emergency services are concerned about the double parking in the vicinity of Seaview Terrace. There is a narrow ‘pinch point’ opposite Glanaber and restrictions to parking in this area may be considered.  Speed limits were also discussed and a limit of 20mph on Mersey Street would have merit for the benefit of the school children. Some residents say that a 20mph speed limit should cover the whole of the village with warning signs on the hill down into ByG. It was thought that a questionnaire would be beneficial to gauge opinions on all improved road safety schemes.

3.      The talks between Gwynedd Council and Scottish Power about pollarding trees that were interfering with power cables are still ongoing.

4.      The redevelopment of St Cyngar’s Hall is scheduled to begin in 2016.

5.      Pauline and Rachel are looking into organizing a fund raising concert.

October 7th Committee Meeting.

1.      The bus service changes were discussed since connections with other services from Porthmadog did not tie up.

2.      A successful afternoon tea, 23rd September, was attended by 32 people. A pot luck lunch was held on the 20th October. The coffee mornings at Sea View café were not so well attended. These are held on the first Monday of each month between 10.30 and 12 noon.

3.      There is a proposal to add a “Disabled Toilet” in the car park attached to the current toilet block. Also to explore whether the existing block can be decorated so that it blends better into the ethos of the village. FofByG would help in whatever way is considered appropriate.

4.      During September a talk was given in Chapel Bethel by PCSO Wendy Kay about the new format for Neighbour Hood Watch. Please refer to the attachment for more information.

5.      Gwynedd Council are looking for £12m in austerity cuts. A consultation document has been circulated for opinions and needs to be returned by the end of the month. Refer to an attachment written by Tom Brooks in reply to the ‘Gwynedd Challenge’. The responses can be entered electronically on the Gwynedd Challenge until midnight on November 30th.  The Council requires your input and you can get a copy online and any thoughts on how the saving can be made or where savings should not be made needs to be communicated to the Council. Every entry made could be the critical one for protecting our environment in ByG

6.      Parts of the coastal path are considered dangerous .Pictures to be taken and shown to the Coastal Path officer.

The next Committee Meeting is scheduled for 2nd December.

Forthcoming Events

1.      The next coffee morning will be at the Sea View Cafe on Monday 7th December.

2.      Festive Supper on Tuesday 8th December, 5-8pm in St Cyngar's Church Hall.
Please join us for this event with friends and neighbours.
We are offering a main meal consisting of Ham and Turkey accompanied by salad and baked potatoes. This will be followed by a range of desserts, mince pies and other festive sweets. We have a range of activities to keep you amused and the number on your ticket enters you for the raffle. Tickets are priced at £3 and can be purchased from Margaret McCabe or Deirdre at or ring 512967.
Please ring Deirdre if you would like a lift to/ from the supper.

3.      If you would like further information about the village please logon to the FofByG Facebook page


If you require any further information or need to make comments about what is in this newsletter please direct them to a member of the committee.

Tom Brooks Secretary  : 

Deirdre Burke Chairperson : 

That’s all for now.  If you have other things of interest for future letters please email me at

Thanking You  

Richard Edmonds.