Temp Mail APK 3.33

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Do hate when websites ask for your email address? With Temp Mail APK, you can provide a fake email address! Get tons of free email addresses that you can use.

Temp Mail APK 3.33
Name Temp Mail
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 3.33
Size 11.37 Mb
Category Communication
Developer Privatix Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link com.tempmail

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If you use a lot of websites and apps, then you need to register and put your information as well. For important websites and apps, we need to use our primary email address in order to register. But what if you just want to sign up for a newsletter or use a website temporarily? In these cases, you can just use Temp Mail in order to get a working temporary email address in seconds! With this, you can instantly register without the need to create a new email or to use your email.

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Published by Privatix Limited, this app hides yourself from spammers who will do nothing but sell you things through email. With this app, you don’t need to register to use it or to even pay for it. Simply follow the simple steps in creating an email and you can get a new one in seconds. The best thing about this is that you can receive messages and attachments in your temporary email!

Avoid Spam

It’s not a secret that we use a lot of websites and apps today. There’s a lot of useful things we can do through the internet so we browse it regularly. Thanks to numerous websites and apps, we can make our lives easier today. But one of the ways that companies can sell more products/services to us is through our emails. If you don’t want to receive any of these spam mails, you can just use a temporary email from Temp Mail!

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What this app does is it provides users with a working temporary email address that you can use. This is ideal if you want to download free stuff over the internet, watch movies or if you just need to use an app. In here, you can generate a lot of temporary email addresses that you can use today. The best thing about this is that these addresses can also receive messages so you can input the code or OTP. There’s no need to register to use this or to pay anything.

Protect your privacy today by using this service! There’s no need to use your real email address for everything.

Highlights of Temp Mail

If you want to avoid getting scammed, you should use Temp Mail today. With this service, you can avoid scamming, phishing attempts and more.

Disposable Emails – We use a lot of websites and apps daily which makes us vulnerable to a lot of attacks. Today, a lot of bad people are hanging around the internet waiting for a victim to appear. If you’re always signing up for promos or on apps, you should not use your email address! Instead, you can use Temp Mail which provides users with disposable email addresses. These email addresses can be used once for all your registration needs.

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This way, you won’t get annoying spam emails and there’s lesser chance that you can get phishing emails. Here, you can generate unlimited emails which you can use for just about any website and app today. Not only that but you can also read incoming emails which will allow you to get the OTP. With this app, you no longer need to be afraid of any scams as you won’t need to use your real email address!

No registration required – With Temp Mail, you don’t need to register to use it. The premise of the app allows you to use it whenever you want without the need to expose your info in it. This means you don’t need to use your number or email in order to register. You also don’t need to put your name or other important information that can be used by attackers! It’s completely safe to use this app since the app deletes all the info you get in the email that you use.

Unlimited uses – Whether you just need one or a hundred, you can generate unlimited disposable emails with Temp Mail! There are also premium features which allows you to get custom email names, multiple mailboxes and no ads. You don’t need to use your real email address anymore once you have this app.

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Receive messages – One of the best features of this app is the ability to receive messages. Not only can you use a disposable email address, you can also receive emails from that email address. This is useful when you’re registering to an app or a website where you need to input a code to register. You can also receive downloadable attachments with this app!

Notifications and attachments – Here, you can enable push notifications so you can see when you’ve received new messages. You can also receive single and multiple attachments.

Download Temp Mail APK – Latest version

If you use a lot of websites and apps today, you should download Temp Mail so you can use disposable emails.

Download Temp Mail [11.37 Mb]


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