Phrozen Pump & Fill - Automated Resin Feeder for Sonic Mega 8K S  & Sonic Mighty Revo
Phrozen Pump & Fill - Automated Resin Feeder for Sonic Mega 8K S  & Sonic Mighty Revo
Phrozen Pump & Fill - Automated Resin Feeder for Sonic Mega 8K S  & Sonic Mighty Revo

Phrozen Pump & Fill - Automated Resin Feeder for Sonic Mega 8K S & Sonic Mighty Revo

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The Pump & Fill Resin Feeder is estimated to be shipped in the following timeframes:
EU and UK region: Shipping is currently scheduled for late January.
US: Shipping is currently scheduled for mid-December.

Phrozen Pump & Fill automated resin feeder is only compatible with Sonic Mega 8K S  & Sonic Mighty Revo.

Keep Your Machine Printing Even When You Rest

Printing large models has its own challenge as you might need to constantly refill the resin vat. But if you add in too much, you'll end up with a full mega vat of resin that would be a hassle to clean.

User Manual


Phrozen Pump & Fill eliminates both issues with its Resin Auto-Fill and Resin Auto-Pump functions:

  • Resin Auto-Fill Function: Automatically add resin mid-prints when the sensor detects your vat is running low on resin. No need to worry about prints failing due to insufficient resin because you'll always have enough.
  • Resin Auto-Pump Function: Automatically suck the leftover resin back into the bottle once you finish printing so it's easier and safer when you clean the vat.
  • Immediate Resin Pump: Turn the suction feature manually when you want to clean up your vat.

      • Pump Case X1
      • Pump Lid X1
      • Empty Resin Bottle X1
      • Inlet Component X1 (Including Inlet Hose, Servo Cable, and Sensor Cable)
      • Pump Data Cable X1
      • Lid Data Cable X1
      • Peristaltic Tube X1


      • Compatible bottle height: 210 mm
      • Compatible bottle diameter: 90 mm
      • The peristaltic tube is consumable. Please replace it every 6 months.
      • Please note that the Pump & Fill is only compatible with most 1 kg resins except ABS-Like+, Pro410, PC/GF-Like, ONYX Impact Plus, and Protowhite. For resins listed above and resins with other packaging (250g, 500g, 5kg), please use the empty bottle provided upon the Pump & Fill purchase.
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