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Do you want to manage your bank account? Download LANDBANK APK today! Have fun as you open an account, see your balance, transfer, and more.

Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 5.11.1
Size 42.59 Mb
Category Finance
Price Free
Google Play Link com.landbank.mobilebanking

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Download LANDBANK APK – Mobile Banking

There are so many banking apps available right now for you to use. You can download and enjoy so many apps that allow you to manage your bank accounts.

Many people today have smartphones which are why digital banks/bank apps have been more prevalent. If you're in the Philippines and want to manage your bank account quickly, you can download LANDBANK today! This is the official app for this government bank in the country.

You may have a lot of other bank apps, but this one is one of a kind. It's a government bank that allows you to open an account online easily! Here, you can sign up for any debit card via credit or prepaid card.

land bank apk download

In this app, you can also pay your bills as more than 80 merchants are registered here. You can also quickly transfer funds to other banks and digital wallets using the app. The app also lets you manage your finances, statements, and more!

Official App

Nowadays, you'll find many types of apps available to download. You only need to download an app, and you can now watch movies, stream music, chat with people and do a lot of things. The internet is a powerful place to access many websites and incredible apps.

Today, you can even do your banking right at your home; thanks do banking apps! You can download many of them, but you can simply install LANDBANK for free today if you're in the Philippines.

As you know, Landbank is one of the two government banks in the country. This one is the more extensive, and you can easily install it for free. With it, you can freely create a bank account without even going to the branch physically.

land bank apk free download

You can also transfer money to other Landbank accounts or banks via InstaPay and PESONet. Here, you're also able to pay your bills as there are more than 80 merchants available. You can also view your statements, balances, transactions, and more.

This app lets you purchase Retail Treasury Bonds, lock your debit card, and withdraw using Cardless Withdrawal!

LANDBANK Highlights

There are many banking apps available, but LANDBANK provides many features! Find them out here.

landbank apk latest

Government bank – There are many apps that you can download for free right now. If you're big on apps, then you can find and install many of them on your phone today.

Various apps are available, from streaming to games to even banking apps. Nowadays, you can do a lot with just your phone to open a bank account, send money, and more. In LANDBANK, you can do that and more!

Thanks to this app, you can have fun as you can freely enjoy many features. You can easily open a bank account anywhere you are, as you can submit the requirements and open it here.

You can also transfer money to any Landbank accounts or bank accounts nationwide. The app also features over 80 merchants to pay your bills such as electricity, water, credit card, and more. Feel free to enjoy the Cardless Withdrawal feature so you can easily withdraw your money in any ATM!

landbank apk old version

Open an account, manage, and more – If you want to experience a banking app that has it all, then you can download LANDBANK today. This is an app that lets you access so many incredible features. For one, it lets you open an account in the app itself!

You don't need to go to any Landbank branch to open a mobile banking account, as you can use your credit card or prepaid card. You can also see your balances, statements, salary loans, cash cards, prepaid cards, and more. Everything is accessible in the app.

Transfer money and pay bills – In LANDBANK, you can quickly transfer money from your account to other Landbank accounts. You can also transfer to other banks like BDO, BPI, EastWest, RCBC, and more.

This app also lets you pay your bills comfortably at home! There are more than 80 registered billers here. You can then pay your bills without leaving your home and waiting in line for hours!

landbank apk

Purchase bonds, Mobilock, OTP, and more – With LANDBANK, you're able to purchase bonds such as the Retail Treasury Bonds. You can also view FoRex and UITF rates quickly in the app.

You can also enjoy the Mobilock feature, which locks your cards. You're also able to use OTP and other security features so you can ensure that your funds are always safe.

Download LANDBANK APK –  Old version

If you're someone who loves using many banking apps, you can download LANDBANK online balance inquiry bancnet right now.

Download LANDBANK [42.59 Mb]
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