AccuWeather APK 8.12.2-11-google

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Download Accuweather Apk Latest Version Free for Android for the most accurate weather updates. It’s even better with the version.

AccuWeather APK 8.12.2-11-google
Name AccuWeather
Compatible with Android 4.3+
Last version 8.12.2-11-google
Size 120.48 Mb
Category Weather
Developer AccuWeather
Price Free
Google Play Link

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Get temperature and weather updates on your device with Accuweather apk. What’s amazing is that the app gives an accurate forecast, and you can rely on it for weather updates. With this app, you’d get the latest hurricane updates, in-depth forecast news, and accurate weather alerts.


This app boasts of the most accurate, reliable, and effective scientific and precision radar. With this app, you’d always be a step ahead, and you can plan your day in a better way. Accuweather is what you need to make the unpredictable to become predictable. Feel like a sorcerer with this new and accurate weather prediction application on your mobile device.

It is worth mentioning that the app will provide live alerts, detailed reports, maps, and weather radar for you. This is in addition to the forecasts snapshots it provides daily. You’d get everything on this app, including severe weather warnings, rain alerts, UV index, live radar, and cloud cover. This is the only tracker you need on your mobile device.

Why you’ll love this app

All the features mentioned above are enough to show you why you’ll love the app. Here are other reasons why you’ll love this app, and should download it on your device:

  • Live weather forecast information: With this app, you’d enjoy minute by minute updates. You’d always be given a breakdown of how the next hour would be. With this, you are sure of staying updated with the latest weather information.
  • Live radar and weather tracker: The accuracy you’d enjoy with this app is an unmatched one. You can update wherever and whenever you need it. The accuracy of the updates you’d get is not dependent on your geographical location.
  • Weather warnings: Sun, wind, and rain. The updates will keep you prepared and ready for any weather condition. You can get weather updates for today, tonight, and even tomorrow.
  • Relevant Contents: The app is not all about weather forecasts. There are other relevant contents you can enjoy in the app. This includes videos to watch and articles to read. You’d also get personalized updates and other regular information from this app.

This app is undoubtedly amazing, and you should download it to enjoy the most accurate weather updates.

Accuweather Apk Free

Download the version of this app for SSL secure encryption. Unnecessary permissions and annoying ads are all removed in the version of the app. Download it now to enjoy it.


Download the latest version of Accuweather on your Android device for the most accurate weather information.

Download AccuWeather [120.48 Mb]


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